IONE, Spell Breaking 2: Listening to the Dreaming Heart: Sunday, September 22, 17:00

We are all living under spells, cast by our cultures, our families, our traumas, our limited beliefs. As we grow and learn, explore and develop, sometimes our "dreaming hearts" push us through our limitations and we find ourselves breaking the spells, liberating ourselves and those around us.

This collection, a sequel to Spell Breaking: Remembered Ways of Being, also edited by IONE and published in 2013, brings us more beautiful women's writing, revealing and illuminating how spells can be broken, surprisingly and with new consciousness. The dreaming heart holds our memories and deep desires, the secret keys to healing and reclamation. IONE is a master of assisting women (and men) to access the dreaming heart and to write from that inner source. Here she has gathered a new volume of spell-breaking essays, poems and memoirs. Featuring writings by Lydia Afia, Ximena Alarcón, Anne Bourne, Donnaldson Brown, Marine Bourcelot, Penelope Cookson, Sylvie Decaux, Rebecca Dolinsky, Laura Donnelly, Alexandra Enders, Andrea Goodman, Sarah Heikkinen, Anne Hemenway, Donna Henes, IONE, Erika Kramer, Enid Langbert, Michele Lunt, Pauline Oliveros, Karen Power, Dorothy Randall Gray, Amy Reed, Jesse Scherer, Starr, Sharon Stewart, Suiren, Catherine Texier, Toni Thomas, Jacqueline W. Vogel, Holly Warburton.

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