Launch, reading, and signing of Lilith : A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt Press, 2019) by Jenninfer Dick: Sunday, September 8, 17:30

“Lillith. A Novel in Fragments. Etymology of ‘novel’—"fictitious narrative," 1560s, from Italian novella "short story," originally "new story," from Latin novella "new things"… If we are to have a feminist poetics, a feminist poetry, that will have to be a ‘new thing.’ And new things are notoriously difficult to recognize and interpret. Jennifer K. Dick’s newest (in every sense of the word) book challenges us on every level: within the first few pages, we are confronted with scattered words on the page, an overprinted graphic, a phrase printed upside down… This book is an enormous (perhaps endless) journey, and, like all great journeys, includes elements of circularity, of reimaging, reimagining. We wander in a labyrinth of mirrors, seeing ourselves in these repeated, fragmentary stories, and in the deep and complex eroticism of this text. This is a book that resists summary or description. Like all real novels, it wants to and succeeds in including everything, especially moments of astonishingly lyrical writing: As now, on the bed, a feather, pages. This book is an event. It isn’t about anything. It is something.” —Ed Smallfield (author, publisher of Apogee Press books, USA, & editor of Parentheses literary magazine, Barcelona)

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